Investment Philosophy

We believe the key to delivering superior long-term investment returns is to choose an appropriate spread of assets, whilst ensuring your exposure to investment risk is managed in line with your appetite and capacity for risk.

We start by focussing on preserving capital values of investments taking care to invest in quality funds and assets that we understand thoroughly. Typically, investor portfolios will contain a targeted blend of assets such as equities (shares), fixed interest securities, cash, property and commodities. We only back investments that we trust and by investing in a carefully constructed combination of these assets we mitigate short-term volatility from the wider market ‘noise’ and minimise risk to capital.

Investment growth is achieved through the selection of so-called ‘risk assets’ such as equities. We take a high-conviction approach to research and selection so that our clients benefit from the ‘best of breed’ investments. This, along with our independent approach avoiding conflicts of interest, results in a comprehensive investment solution which we believe will lead to sustainable long-term capital growth.

1. Goals

Create clear, appropriate investment goals

2. Balance

Develop a suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds

3. Cost

Minimise costs without sacrificing on quality

4. Clarity

Keep it simple by avoiding opaque and complicated investment strategies

5. Discipline

Maintain perspective and long-term discipline

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